Residential Generators

Protect Your Home
& Family From Outages

Purchasing a backup generator of your home might seem like overkill, but it can keep your food fresh in the fridge. It can keep your alarm system working. It can provide heat or A/C to your family. It can give you the power you need for daily life when bad weather or electrical failures occur.


Protect Your Home
& Family From Outages

Power Source is your trusted destination for exceptional generator installations in Charlotte. We specialize in both Generac and Cummins brands and understand the importance of making the right choice for your power needs. Here, we delve into the comparison of Generac vs. Cummins generators, highlighting the distinctive features and advantages of each. We are proponents of both but one may serve your needs better than the other. We want you to be as informed as possible when making this big decision.

As industry leaders, we take pride in delivering installations of the highest standard, ensuring your peace of mind during power outages. Power Source is your reliable partner in navigating the Generac vs. Cummins decision, providing expert insights for a tailored and effective power solution. We want to provide you with the best option, always.

Generac Generator Advantages

Generac is a leading name in the residential generator market, known for pioneering innovations and setting industry standards not just in Charlotte but nationwide.
Generac generators often feature user-friendly controls and interfaces, making them accessible and easy to operate for homeowners of all technical levels.
Generac continuously introduces innovative technologies, such as Mobile Link™ and Power Management systems, enhancing the overall convenience and functionality of their generators.
Generac offers generators that run on various fuels, including natural gas, propane, and diesel, providing flexibility and options for homeowners based on their fuel preferences.

Cummins Generator Advantages

Cummins generators are renowned for their robust construction and reliability, ensuring long-lasting performance.
Cummins integrates cutting-edge technology into their generators, offering advanced features for efficient power management and optimal performance.
Cummins provides a diverse range of generator sizes, catering to various power requirements and ensuring a tailored solution for every home. Whether you live in a 1,500 sq. foot home or a 20,000 sq. foot home in Charlotte, there is always a Cummins solution.
Cummins generators are designed for fuel efficiency, helping homeowners save on operational costs while maintaining a constant power supply.
Cummins is a globally recognized brand with a strong reputation for engineering excellence, providing homeowners with a sense of trust and confidence.
Cummins generators are designed with noise reduction features, ensuring quieter operation compared to some other brands.
Cummins air cooled units’ innovative 36″x36″ footprint allows for right or left hand exhaust options which can offer improved sound and installation options in certain situations.

Residential Generators

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