Patio Heaters

Bringing Indoor Comfort
to Outdoor Living

Infratech patio heaters are the most practical way to add warmth to spaces like patios, terraces, verandas, enclosed areas, or any indoor or outdoor setting where heated air cannot easily be contained and re-circulated.

A heated quartz element emits a safe, clean wavelength of light that is only absorbed by solid objects, transferring heat directly to a person, table or floor rather than heating the air. For this reason, infrared heat can be distributed very evenly, and will not simply “blow away” in windy or drafty conditions.

infratech patio heater

Why Infratech Patio Heaters

Infratech patio heaters are our trusted source for patio heaters because they are reliable, customizable, and user-friendly. After having one (or multiple!) of these heaters installed on your patio, it will be your favorite too!

Here’s what to expect from an Intratech Patio Heater:

  • 4000-6000 Watt range 
  • Mounting heights to 12 feet
  • 8 standard colors
  • Unlimited custom colors
  • No noise, odor, or greenhouse gases
  • 29.5″-63.5″ length options to fit any installation

Infratech Patio Heater Advantages

  • Made in the USA

  • Custom Design

  • Flush-Mount Installation

  • Custom Controls