Panic-Proof Your Home or Business with a Backup Generator

Providing generator services for the Queen City

Power Source Electrical Services, Inc. is one of Charlotte's top choices for generator services. Installation, repair and maintenance - all are covered for both residential and commercial clients in the Queen City.

For over 20 years, our professional techs have been completing better, cheaper and faster generator repairs and installations for our clients. We can work with and service all types of generators, and we are a dealer for name brands like Generac and Cummins.

If your current generator has started acting up or you're looking to install a standby generator at your home or business, get in touch with Power Source Electrical Services today for a free estimate.

Generating relationships with our clients

Make one call for an install with Power Source

From sales and installation to repairs and maintenance, Power Source Electrical Services can handle it all when it comes to residential or commercial generator service.

We don't just provide backup generators - we back up our services with exceptional customer care and support. With us, you'll have one point of contact for your generator needs. You'll also get factory trained and certified service technicians, from Power Source, which you may not get from the other guys.

Don't wait any longer - get your free estimate from Power Source and start protecting your home or business today.

Assisting businesses with standby generators

Commercial generators in Charlotte, NC

With a light commercial standby generator from Generac or Cummins, your business will be protected from unexpected power outages. Depending on the type of business you run, this can be extremely important to keeping your computer servers, security system, critical equipment or refrigerators running through the outage. With Power Source Electrical Services, you'll get exactly that - a power source for your business when the grid goes down.

Protecting homes with backup generators

Residential generators in Charlotte, NC

Your home should be your sanctuary when rough weather and power outages hit the area. Without a backup generator installed at your home, you could go hours or even days without power. Start protecting your home and your family today with a home backup generator from Charlotte's generator professionals. Power Source Electrical Services can install your new system and maintain it throughout its service life.

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